Connect is an online, nomadic, multilingual radio station.

We host 24-hr broadcast events on mobility and movement. We take up topics of transportation, migration, and climate transformation, transmitting local voices, music and sound to create an audio portrait of a place in time. Our radio events are often hosted while on the move--from trucks, cars, boats, and bikes. Each broadcast connects an ever-growing network of 5000+ global listeners, and is co-broadcast with local terrestrial and/or online stations.

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E V E R Y T H I N G  S P E A K I N G
@ HKW Berlin as part of Forecast Forum

Friday May 11th 8:30pm CET
listening in on the internet of things

Internet radio waves increasingly transmit messages between data, objects and non-human entities. “Everything Speaking” translates these signals to channel a future of constant intercommunication. Listen live @

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