Against Typological Tyranny in Archaeology: A South American Perspective

The papers during this booklet query the tyranny of typological pondering in archaeology via case reports from numerous South American international locations (Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil) and Antarctica. they target to teach that typologies are unavoidable (they are, in any case, the best way to create networks that supply meanings to symbols) yet that their tyranny will be conquer in the event that they are used from a severe, heuristic and non-prescriptive stance: severe as the complacent angle in the direction of their tyranny is changed by way of a militant stance opposed to it; heuristic simply because they're used as capacity to arrive substitute and suggestive interpretations yet no longer as final and yes destinies; and non-prescriptive simply because rather than utilizing them as threads to persist with they're quite used as constitutive components of extra advanced and connective materials. The papers incorporated within the ebook are assorted in temporal and locational phrases. They disguise from so referred to as Formative societies in lowland Venezuela to Inca-related ones in Bolivia; from the coastal shell middens of Brazil to the megalithic sculptors of SW Colombia. but, the papers are comparable. they've got in universal their shared rejection of demonstrated, naturalized typologies that constrain the way in which archaeologists see, forcing their interpretations into renowned and predictable conclusions. Their inventive interpretative proposals flee from the safe convenience of venerable typologies, many suspicious due to their organization with colonial political narratives. in its place, the authors suggest novel methods of facing archaeological facts.

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