LOFT P: Tracing the Architecture of the Loft

By Per-Johan Dahl, Caroline Dahl

In Loft P Per-Johan and Caroline Dahl draw from their examine and perform in structure and urbanism to extract the spatial typology of the loft. Departuring from the synchronized social gathering and critique of Modernism, which spurred the emergence of loft structure in decrease new york through the Fifties and '60s, the e-book deploys the layout and development of Loft P in Malmo, Sweden, to extrapolate the architectural value of the loft. The loft turned a true property good fortune within the Nineteen Seventies that unfold past manhattan urban, but, even if, usually missing a severe method of architectural layout. by way of spotting the old and theoretical premises of the loft, this publication establishes a physique of information worthwhile for numerous fields and practices while enticing the spatial attributes of the loft in modern discourse.

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