Tezcatlipoca: Trickster and Supreme Deity

Tezcatlipoca: Trickster and ultimate Deity brings archaeological proof into the physique of scholarship on “the lord of the smoking mirror,” probably the most very important Aztec deities. whereas iconographic and textual assets from sixteenth-century chroniclers and codices have contributed enormously to the knowledge of Aztec spiritual ideals and practices, individuals to this quantity reveal the varied methods fabric facts expands on those conventional resources.

The interlocking complexities of Tezcatlipoca’s nature, a number of roles, and metaphorical attributes illustrate the level to which his effect penetrated Aztec trust and social motion throughout all degrees of overdue Postclassic primary Mexican tradition. Tezcatlipoca examines the result of archaeological investigations—objects like obsidian mirrors, gold, bells, public stone monuments, or even a mosaic skull—and unearths new insights into the preferrred deity of the Aztec pantheon and his function in Aztec culture.

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Initial research of Kawil monuments at Naranjo, Machaquila Aguateca, and Ek’ Balam turns out to teach an analogous trend. Kawil monuments from Ek’ Balam undergo dates that comply with this development (Lacadena García-Gallo 2005, sixty five, 68). Stela 1 exhibits the ruler exhibiting a Kawil manikin scepter on 10. zero. 10. zero. zero ( January sixteen, 840), a date coinciding with Jupiter’s retrograde interval (10/28/839–2/15/840, Meeus n. d. ). An avian photo of Kawil seems on an Ek’ Balam capstone with a Calendar around date ( June five, 775) that corresponds to Jupiter’s retrograde interval (5/12/775–9/10/775, ibid. ). the very best examples of the correlation with retrograde classes are monuments that undergo just one or dates. for instance, a stela in San Francisco’s positive Arts Museum has a picture of Kawil rising from the jaws of a “Vision Serpent” (Miller, Martin, and Berrin 2004, plate 46). The commitment date (1 Ajaw three Zip, nine. sixteen. 10. zero) coincides with Jupiter’s retrograde interval, and a moment date (9. sixteen. nine. 7. five) corresponds with Saturn’s retrograde. Kawil performs an incredible half within the lengthy count number calendar, which documents a few repeating sequences of time, together with the katun cycle and a cycle of 819 days, either one of which seem to be associated with cycles regarding Jupiter and Saturn (Milbrath 1999, 240–41, 2002). Kawil is in particular named in an 819-day cycle that stocks a typical issue (21 days) with the synodic classes of Jupiter and Saturn, a development mentioned through John Justeson (1989, 103), who notes a excessive frequency of Jupiter and Saturn occasions linked to 819-day counts. initial research doesn't exhibit a robust correlation among 819-day occasions recorded on monuments and the interval of Jupiter’s retrograde, so possibly another correlation related to Jupiter or Saturn is concerned. The 819-day words usually identify Kawil within the 5th place (Kelley 1976, 57–58, determine 17). A spouse glyph (T739) within the fourth place is usually utilized in Glyph Y of the Supplementary sequence, the place it truly is ruled via a sevenday cycle that is a planetary week (Yasugi and Saito 1991). This patterning definitely demands additional examine simply because Kawil’s function within the Maya katun cycle and the 819-day count number hyperlinks him with higher cycles of time linked to the concept that of worldwide a while (Milbrath 1999, 240, 2004). 177 178 T he M aya L ord of the S moking M irror determine 7. thirteen. Palenque Triad, Kawil proven as GII, proven complete determine in reclining posture, representing counterpart of Kawil (Temple of the Foliated move at D2; after Milbrath 1999, determine 6. 3n). As a subdivision of the lengthy count number calendar, the katun cycle measures spans of time that exceed 5,000 years. Such lengthy cycles of time evoke a hyperlink with the realm eras within the mythology of Tezcatlipoca. certainly, Kawil is in particular named as one of many primordial celestial relations. Kawil appears to be like as GII of the Palenque Triad in mythological texts recording the delivery of 3 celestial brothers in a prior period. The Temple of the Foliated go provides GII’s start date in 2697 BC (1.

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