The Maya Forest Garden: Eight Millennia of Sustainable Cultivation of the Tropical Woodlands (New Frontiers in Historical Ecology)

By Anabel Ford, Ronald Nigh

The normal knowledge says that the devolution of vintage Maya civilization happened simply because its inhabitants grew too huge and dense to be supported via primitive neotropical farming equipment, leading to debilitating famines and internecine struggles. utilizing examine on modern Maya farming ideas and critical new archaeological examine, Ford and Nigh refute this Malthusian clarification of occasions in historic imperative the USA and posit an intensive substitute idea. The authors-show that historic Maya farmers constructed creative, sustainable forest innovations to domesticate a variety of foodstuff crops (including the staple maize);-examine either modern tropical farming innovations and the archaeological checklist (particularly concerning weather) to arrive their conclusions;-make the argument that those historic ideas, nonetheless in use this day, can aid major populations over lengthy classes of time.

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