Connect is an online, nomadic, multilingual radio station.

We host 24-hr broadcast events on mobility and movement. We take up topics of transportation, migration, and climate transformation, transmitting local voices, music and sound to create an audio portrait of a place in time. Our radio events are often hosted while on the move--from trucks, cars, boats, and bikes. Each broadcast connects an ever-growing network of global listeners, and is co-broadcast with local terrestrial and/or online stations. is co-produced by Agustina Woodgate, Stephanie Sherman and Hernan Woodgate.

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AUTOPILOTO, a 24-hour live online radio broadcast about all things self-driving hosted from a semi-autonomous vehicle looping the Bay Area November 15+16, 2018. Transmitted in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, this broadcast takes up questions of how autonomy and automatic movement will shape Bay Area geographies, societies, and cultures. Considering self-driving as technology, psychological state, anthropological condition, and systems. What will our cities sound like in a driverless future? How will society and infrastructure systems adapt? What might humans do during newfound transit time? In what ways do machines imitate human auto-pilot modes, and vice versa? How can we build equitable, planetary, intelligent transit for all? AUTOPILOTO will include translingual interviews with local drivers, designers, technologists, municipal agents, researchers, artists, scientists, mechanics and more, as well as soundscapes and music.

AUTOPILOTO is a commissioned project by the Lucas Artist Residency at the Montalvo Art Center, as part of the New Terrains Festival produced by the San Jose Museum of Art. This broadcast is co-hosted with Trami Cron of Chopstick Alley, special guests will include voices from the SETI Institute, Stanford University, Nissan, San Jose Jazz, UC Berkeley, and more.

November 15, 2018, 11am to 11pm (Pacific Standard Time)
November 16, 2018, 11am to 11pm (Pacific Standard Time)


Guests: Trami Cron, Chopstick Alley; Hong Thinh Vu, Musician/Teacher; Zelica Rodriguez-Deams, Associate Director, Somos Mayfair; Jessica Zenk, Interim Deputy Director, San Jose Department of Transportation; Melissa Cefkin, PhD Principal Researcher and Senior Manager User Experience Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley; Tracy Mcloud + Jyllian Halliburton, Seniors, Avenidas Cubberly Community Center; Lori Wood, Autocross Driver; Steve Omohundro, AI Scientist; Stace D. Maples, Stanford Geospatial Center; Alex Barth, Mapbox; Ariel Seidman, Hivemapper; Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen Design; Pablo Paredes PhD, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University; San Jose Jazz; Tom Wohlmut, San Jose Light Tower; Ryan Kawamoto, Yu-Ai Kai Senior Community Center + Susan Hayase, Activist; Robin Lasser + G Craig Hobbs, Artists; Jaime Fearer, AICP Deputy Director California Walks; Michelle Maranowski, The Tech Museum San Jose; Bryce Hille + Playboyz Inc.; Bay Area Ghosthunters; Christian Roth, Data Scientist FKA, Bill Diamond + Seth Shostak, SETI; Knightscope Robots; Julie Santiano, Turo car rental user; Watkins + Peacock; Dwayne Chatman; Kevin, Tesla Sales; Robin Anad Ocubillo, Open Space & Public Life; Jumana Nabti, BART Transit Planning; Corrina Gould, Indian People Organizing for Change (IPOC) + Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, Phillip Hermans, musician and artist + Adam Stocker, Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC); Women’s Audio Mission; Melissa Ruhl + Megan Gee, ARUP; Shane Myrbeck, composer Emily Shisko, composer; Sharid Buttar, EFF; Elia Vargas, UCSC researcher + sound artist; Anna Friz + Emmanuel Madan; VVD Windows