Connect is an online, nomadic, multilingual radio station.

We host 24-hr broadcast events on mobility and movement. We take up topics of transportation, migration, and climate transformation, transmitting local voices, music and sound to create an audio portrait of a place in time. Our radio events are often hosted while on the move--from trucks, cars, boats, and bikes. Each broadcast connects an ever-growing network of global listeners, and is co-broadcast with local terrestrial and/or online stations. is co-produced by Agustina Woodgate, Stephanie Sherman and Hernan Woodgate.

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Jan 13, 14, 15 2017
11 – 6pm EST
The Underline, Miami FL
Spanish + English

a broadcast on cycles
from a 16-person bicycle


The Underline is a new linear park and urban trail being developed beneath Miami’s elevated Metrorail. CICLO considers cycles of transportation infrastructure while traversing the Underline’s future path. How can Miami shift towards a cycle-based future?

This episode of is supported by The Underline Miami, The Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs, ArtPlace America, and Art in Public Places. Special thanks to CycleParty Miami for the bicycle.


Friday January 13, 2017 11 – 6PM EST

Saturday January 14, 2017 11 – 6PM EST

Sunday January 15, 2017 11 – 6PM EST