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We host 24-hr broadcast events on mobility and movement. We take up topics of transportation, migration, and climate transformation, transmitting local voices, music and sound to create an audio portrait of a place in time. Our radio events are often hosted while on the move--from trucks, cars, boats, and bikes. Each broadcast connects an ever-growing network of global listeners, and is co-broadcast with local terrestrial and/or online stations. is co-produced by Agustina Woodgate, Stephanie Sherman and Hernan Woodgate.

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Title: Kulturpark
Location: The Klipper boat, Planterwald, Berlin
Languages: English and German
Co-Host: the end radio (Patricia Margarita Hernandez)

Set in the confines of an abandon amusemtn park build in 1969 in Treptower Park, East Berlin. The GDR kulturpark was the only of its kind in East Germany, and a traditional stop for school children visiting Berlin from other Eastern Bloc countries. In 1989 Kulturpark is bought by Spreepark GmbH, under new private owner Norbert Witte. The park is simultaneously declared a nature sanctuary. In 2001 the park goes bankrupt due to economic downturn, increased admission costs, and unavailability of parking. The park remains insoluable and Mr. Witte remains in debt to investors.

The park is now enclosed by a 2.5m high fence

During a three-day radio broadcast, REE hosted a constantly increasing constellation of listeners, content providers, and supporters generating voices in the surrounding Planterwald Community in Berlin and across global locales.

The inspiration to bring a radio station was due to the discovery that the Futuro-Haus, an architectural wonder design in 1965 by the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen existed inside the park and was the radio station of the park—broadcasting music throughout. Originally, the Futuro-Haus was meant to be mass-produced so it would be cheap enough to house all people around the earth. Because it was so light-weight, it was easily transportable by helicopter. Mobile living was the new possibility for the future. Only 96 Futuro houses were ever built. The Futuro-Haus that once lived in the amusement park has been acquired by a private collector and is now located nearby across the Spreeriver.

Day: June 30, 2012
Duration: 1:29:36
Guest: Dr. Dieta Sixt

Day: June 30, 2012
Duration: 24:59
Guest: Anthony Spinello