Connect is an online, nomadic, multilingual radio station.

We host 24-hr broadcast events on mobility and movement. We take up topics of transportation, migration, and climate transformation, transmitting local voices, music and sound to create an audio portrait of a place in time. Our radio events are often hosted while on the move--from trucks, cars, boats, and bikes. Each broadcast connects an ever-growing network of global listeners, and is co-broadcast with local terrestrial and/or online stations. is co-produced by Agustina Woodgate, Stephanie Sherman and Hernan Woodgate.

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Title: Elsewhere Radio
Location: Greensboro, NC
Duration: August 11 – September 2, 2011
Languages: Spanish and English
Co-Host: Hernan Woodgate

Over the course of a month, Radio Espacio Estacion hosted a bilingual radio show that connected Spanish and English language and experience through interviews, music, investigations, reflections, and sound.

The goal was to explore a new form for language learning that replaces translation with integration. Each show featured concepts, ideas, and work, introducing terms and emphasis on cultural similarities and differences. The show introduced listeners to new ways to express cross-cultural experiences, creating familiarity and comfortability to lay groundwork for language learning.

Each show was broadcasted live online from Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, NC to global locations where Spanish speakers are active. The project introduced creatives to investigations of process and brought a new spirit of engagement through all kinds of culture – food, social systems, art, language, politics, writings, and more.

About Elsewhere
Elsewhere’s living museum reinvents a former thrift store as a site for ongoing collaborative productions and creative explorations. Visitors encounter a 58-year collection of thrift and surplus amassed largely by one woman, Sylvia Gray, during her tenure of a series of businesses at the location from 1939-1997. That collection has been transformed by hundreds of creators. Now, the living museum presents a moment in an ongoing process of activating a circulating and transforming collection through interactive artworks, object arrangements, process displays, and project presentations. Visitors participate in creative investigations combining historical, artistic, anthropological, archaeological, literary, philosophical, and community-based ideas through a variety museum programs, activities, and events.

Day: August 12, 2011
Duration: 1:05:41
Guests: Rob Peterson

Day: August 17, 2011
Duration: 2:03:32
Guests: George Scheer, Teddy Blumenthal

Day: August 24, 2011
Duration: 2:19:45
Guests: Hannah Mendoza, Norah Hoover

Day: September 2, 2011
Duration: 4:13:38
Guests: Stephanie Sherman, Martina Mrongovius, Noise Radio