December 1st – January 15, 2021
Intensive learning sessions on radio production, coordination and distribution
Pause online, nomadic, multilingual radio station--collaborates with Hyperwerk students to initiate an online radio station launching during the Open House via a live transmission on the topic of Becoming a Body of Water.

Radio is a soft and hard infrastructure, a medium for listening and learning. These sessions will focus on how to create a radio station, from pragmatics and operations to curation and technicals. Conceptually, we will explore radio as a medium of fluidity--of passing and passing through. Channels of sound are canals of thoughts. Radio waves are flows of energy. Ports are nodes of connectivity. Antennas search for signals.

The first two workshop sessions, on Dec 1 & 2, are open to the public and provide an intro to radio production. The six following sessions offer an intensive micro-course that shares tactics and tools on how to set up, operate and coordinate a station, working towards a broadcast launch during the Hyperwerk Open House. The aim is to help a group of committed students start a self-governing, self-organizing, student-led platform for audio distribution and experimentation, activating radio as a form of publishing for cooperative and collaborative action.

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Workshop by
Agustina Woodgate
Stephanie Sherman
Hernan Woodgate
Florencia Curci

Guest: Jack Bardwell from Mushroom Radio

Design: Javier Rodriguez
Webdesign: Sascha Krischock

Thank you to Hyperwerk’s Laura Pregger and Matthias Böttger for the invitation